Anonymous: WAIT YOUR BACK???

Yes. Starting tomorrow night.

9Oct 10th
3Oct 10th
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4Aug 13th
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9Aug 12th
Anonymous: I love your blog so much! <3 You must be an amazing person, to whoever is running it! :D

Ahhhh! Thank you so so so much!! <3 This is so unbelievably sweet! :’)

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2Aug 12th
Anonymous: I love 'Night of Our Lives,' and if you don't like it, that's your wrong opinion.


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2Aug 12th
sleepmusicland: Hey, I've just saw your answer to the anon who was asking about thinking a co-owner, if you need someone to help you, i would glad to help. I'm most of my free time here. Have a nice day <3

Well that is AWESOME. I’d like to get to know you a little bit more! If you could answer a few questions for me.. that’d be great! 1) Your name, age, where you live, experience with editing pictures and tell me a little more about yourself. 2) Why you would want to co-own meganlizconfessions. 3) Tell me your favorite song of M&L, how long you’ve been a fan, and what you like about each sister. 4) Without my help send me a “mock confession”. — * Those who applies will have to understand that this is temporary, I can change my password back at any time, they cannot write anyone or anything in a text post without my approval first (will give my cell phone number for us to communicate), that confessions must be created the exact same way I make them, and no one can change the theme or picture. 

1Aug 12th
Anonymous: ever thought about getting a co-owner? someone who you have the feeling you can trust the person?

I actually have. I posted it all over and not one person responded. So I kind of just gave up!

2Aug 12th

Disclaimer: These are not my personal confessions. These are anonymously submitted; I just put them on pictures.